Looking to Personalise your Picnic Table? We now offer laser engraving to our popular Picnic Tables.


Simply purchase your Picnic Table, choose your Laser Engraving size, send us your artwork or phrase and we will take it from there.


Turn around time: 5-10 Working Days. 


Laser Engraving Size 50x50mm

- 1 - 9 Units - $20 each

- 10-24 Units - $12.50 each

- 25-100 Units - $10 each

- 100+ Units - $5 each


Laser Engraving Size 100x50mm 

- 1 - 9 Units - $25 each

- 10-24 Units - $14 each

- 25-100 Units - $12 each

- 100+ Units - $6 each


Laser engraving, also known as etching or laser marking, is a process of using lasers to engrave, bond or mark objects without physically touching them. This reduces damage to the object and removes the need to replace routing bits.

The laser can vaporize wood and synthetic compounds, leaving a relief effect engraving.



Send to hello@moodstore.co.nz

All engraving files must be in a vector form. The most common files type are Adobe Illustrator ( AI and EPS ) and Corel Draw ( CDR. ) Bitmaps produce a low rosultion result that is generally unfavourable for engraving. If you are unsure, please give us a call or send us a message.

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